The Brazilian Journalist

36-year-old Eliza Muto is Brazilian with quite an exotic presence in our little country. She was born in São Paulo, but she was raised in a smaller city by the coast called Vitória. She went back to São Paulo when she was 18 to study journalism at the University of São Paulo and decided to stay there where she was working as a journalist.

So how come you have moved so far from home?

I met my boyfriend, Julien, in São Paulo. At that time, he was a French expat working on a subway line project in São Paulo. The project ended and last March, he went back to France. Soon after, he was transferred to Budapest to work on the project of automatization of M2 line of the metro system. We wanted to stay together and I’ve always wanted to live abroad, so I decided to come to Budapest! So I enrolled in the MA program at ELTE and arrived here late August.

How do you like Budapest and the Hungarian people?

I really like the city — it is so beautiful. It’s not a huge city and I like that it is calm but at the same time Budapest offers you a lot, especially if you like cultural events. I also like the Hungarians even though I don’t find it easy to approach them. Hungarians treat me very nicely, I have met some very nice people but one thing I find difficult here is to make friends. But there is one problem for me; I cannot speak Hungarian.

What kind of cultural events does the city offer for you?

Almost every day of the week, you can find a high quality musical concert or show in town. If you like going out, Budapest has such a rich nightlife with pubs, bars and clubs. Also the architecture of the city is so diverse that you can just walk around the city and be amazed by its buildings.

What are your favorite places so far?

I love the Danube at night. I also like the metro stations; they are very unique, like Deák Ferenc Ter station, with the old style architecture and decoration, and the very old trains.

Would you stay here after your graduation and settle down?

Well, I came here knowing that it would be temporary. But you never know!

Do you see a professional career in Hungary as a journalist?

Not really. One of the “problems” of being a journalist is that you work with the language so you have to master it. If I wanted to work here as a journalist I would have not only to be able to speak and write in Hungarian but do that as well as a native speaker. To be quite honest, I don’t think this is going to happen. What is possible to do is to freelance for the Brazilian media.

By Andrea Bohár



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