A perfect day in Budapest


Spring is by far my favourite season. Everything turns green, the sun shines a little bit more day by day, and a warm breeze brings along the delicious smell of flowers springing nearby. What’s more, Budapest shows its prettiest face this time of the year, as well – at least in my opinion. Oh, and my birthday is in May, too. All in all, everything blooming and the option of becoming wiser make my outlook on life positive.

Let me just share with you how I spent my birthday last year. It was indeed a perfect day in Budapest and I can only hope that I will experience many more just like that.

It all started out by me being the only one smiling on the subway, being a bit different. I had to go to school – at least, I got to meet some of my best friends. Furthermore, I study in one of the most beautiful buildings in the city by the riverbank. Having a nice view to Danube – what can make a relatively boring lecture better?

Then, I had a huge pause in between classes, so I picked up a cup of soup at Leves and ate it on bench in Károlyi Park – my all time favourite spot in Budapest. After having enjoyed the warm rays of the sun, I had to head back to school to present the results of a project with my friends. To celebrate both my birthday and our presentation, we grabbed a few drinks in one of the pubs near the university – a perfect ending to a wonderful day.

So what’s the moral to teach? A perfect day is not magic, not even a coincidence. Every day can be similar to this one. It’s all about being positive – noticing the little perks that can make your day. Make your day perfect or even magical. It’s all about how you perceive your environment, the city you live in.

by Zsuzsa Varga


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