Love letter

After all this time, I have to own up to something.

Dear Budapest,

To be honest, it wasn’t love at the first sight…

I was born in Budapest and I lived in a typical flat in a typical housing estate until I was five. It was a little world with everything you need in it. Crèche, nursery school, primary school, cultural centre, post office, a restaurant, one bakery, one cake shop and a supermarket. Our bedroom overlooked the railway station, which was always interesting to watch. My sister and I stared for hours at the trains wondering where they were going and where they came from.

Then we moved to the outskirts of the city, to a lovely house with garden. It was like in the fairy tales: twittering wakes me up on summer mornings, people mow the lawn, dogs bark and sometimes a cock crows somewhere next to me. Peace and silence, a perfect place to live and to relax.

When I was old enough I was admitted to a secondary school in the 5th district. I can definitely say without exaggeration, it is in the heart of Budapest, between Astoria, Ferenciek and Kálvin Square. At this stage I got to know you a little better, Budapest.

During the four year our relationship became stronger and stronger. There were plenty of moments when I felt, you are the one I want to live with forever. Taking a glance to the top of buildings from the Gellért Hill, spending hours sitting on a bench on the Március 15th Square, having lunch in Károlyi Garden with our friends or having a picnic at Kopaszi Gát (it’s a dam in the leg of Lágymányosi Bridge in Buda), these moments made our love sincere and passionate.

It would be a lie if I said our relationship hasn’t been strained many times. Travel by bus no. 7 or wait a few minutes in the subway at Blaha, watch faces in the metro, be robbed on the tram, etc.

Finally, let me give you some advise. The key of our strong love, is that I accepted this rule: Live in Buda, but work in Pest.

Yours Sincerly,



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