Torn between two countries.


Something has happened that I never thought would happen when moving to Budapest. It is something that I sometimes feel guilty about but can justify thoroughly when asked about it. I’ve fallen in love with this city. It is home now.

I always knew I would love living in a different country with all the freedom in the world and so many new things to explore but I always felt I might feel a little out of place, primarily due to being immersed in a new language. But no, I have embraced it whole heartedly and feel like I should never leave.

This can sometimes be a hard thing to explain to loved ones from home. Telling your mother or best friend that you are happier here, in Budapest, than you are in Ireland can be a tough one to explain as they feel slightly rejected and worried that you will never again return to your motherland.

The truth is I really don’t know will I be excited about my return after so much time away. Of course there will be some home comforts I certainly will embrace, like milky Irish tea and a lack of confusion in a supermarket. However, when weighing up the positives and negatives of each country it is difficult to justify ever living in Ireland again.

Of course, I do have to return once more to finish my bachelor degree but this time on Erasmus has really got me thinking of what direction I want to take my future. I think there is no more doubt in my mind that I will go travelling again and I could even see myself living permanently in a city either like Budapest or just return to the place that I love so dearly.

By Leonie Holly


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