Paradise city


I grew up in a village close to Braunschweig (Germany), a city with about 250 000 inhabitants. My memories of that time are quite good. I remember playing on the fields with my best friend, because we lived just at the edge of our village. We were used to the silence that only nature could give and we had a lot of opportunities outside that we wouldn´t have in a city. It was a great childhood.
Also, as a teen, living in the village was ok for me. I can´t complain, I had my friends there and by bus it took me 20 minutes to Braunschweig. But at the age of 17 or 18 I was more and more looking forward to leave and live at “my own” place, to head out and become a grown-up (Well, now I know that growing-up is a process that requires more than leaving the parents house, but that is another story…). I felt kind of captured in this village which was home for me for so many years. All in all I had a good time during this years, but nowadays I don´t feel really connected to the place where I grew up.

After school, I finally moved to a bigger city with about 500 000 inhabitants and it felt great. Anyway I always had Fernweh (thats how we call it in German)- the desire for travelling and seeing different places. So I decided to leave the city after finishing my education and to study in a small student city in the Netherlands. I made a lot of great experience where I lives so far, but wat I actually always wanted is to live in a big city. So I took the chance to go to Budapest. Of course, compaired to Berlin, Istanbul or New York, Budapest is still kind of small. However, here in Budapest it is the first time I am really in love with the place I live in! I just love the size, the Danube, the buildings, the bars and the atmosphere this city has. I enjoy every step I make in this incredible place. If I was able, I would take Budapest and bring it to Germany.

Unfortunately I can’t, so I have to look for my personal German Budapest.

By Ann-Kathrin Hennig


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