The Szechenyi Baths Experience




After a stressful few weeks here in Budapest, I decided that some relaxation was in order. What’s the best place to unwind and rejuvenate in Budapest? The Szechenyi Medicinal Baths and pool of course! I had never been to such a place before so I was extremely excited to see what they hype was all about and I was not disappointed!

The Szechenyi Baths were easy to find beside the Metro 1 stop as it was a massive building that you simply can’t miss. The daily ticket is quite affordable, even for students, as you pay 4100 HUF/ €18 for a whole day relaxation in the thermal pools with locker usage. If you forget to pack your swimming costume, don’t worry! You can rent one at the baths for about 1800 HUF.

The Szechenyi Baths are one of the largest in Europe with 18 pools both indoors and outside. I was obviously reluctant to try out the outdoor pools due to it snowing heavily and being numbingly cold but I’m glad I braved it as once you’re in the pool; it may as well be summer. The warmth and relaxing atmosphere is a great place to forget about the harsh winter conditions and enjoy idle chit-chat as you relax yourself.

You can also avail of the aromatherapy messages they offer for between 3150- 5150HUF, though unfortunately, I didn’t but plan to before I go back to Ireland.

It’s also worth mentioning that as tempting as it is to bring your camera or expensive camera phone into the pool to get some cool snaps…don’t! I witnessed the drowning of an iphone and a camera on my visit and some very upset people who were in mourning for their losses.

I fully recommend the Szechenyi bath experience for anyone! Whether you’re only stopping in Budapest for a weekend or here for a semester, definitely make your way to Szechenyi for an experience well worth it!


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