Bittersweet dreaming



Budapest is my second home: I was born and raised in a town called Miskolc,  in the north-eastern region of Hungary.  Compared to my home town, Budapest seems like a metropolis with a buzzing lifestyle. About the place where I first came into this world? It is most certainly calm and cosy. I love both which means that I share my heart with both of them and I’m still alive, very much alive.

I had the chance to study abroad for a couple of months not so long ago and I’ve thought about it a lot. I have met two different kinds of people;  those who after spending some time in a foreign country want to go back so badly that one day they really do and those who after coming back realise that they haven’t given enough credit to the city and the country they lived in. I happen to find myself in the second group.

I’ve never been the type to constantly complain about how hard life is or wishing how things were better here but I’ve always thought that being abroad for a while will make me realise the cruel fact that things are better over the Hungarian borders. And you know what? They don’t.

There might be certain problems they handle smarter, situations they solve faster, but in the end I have realised I am so bound with this country that I can only see everything through „Hungarian eyes” – with bittersweet dreaming.

So no matter if I’m living in Miskolc or in Budapest, visiting an other country or else, I may always dream it to be shinier and happier but in reality I would know everything is all right.

As I said my heart is divided, it belongs to my hometown and to the capital at the same time. And above all, to this country which is the beating center organ of Europe itself: the kindest heart in the world. Believe me. And if you don’t, you’ll see it one day, anyway.

by Petra Gönczi


2 responses to “Bittersweet dreaming

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  2. Hi! WordPress suggested your blog as a “related article” to my recent post, so here I am. I posted about a post card I have in my collection that is written in Hungarian – it would be wonderful if you could help me translate it. Google translate only works so far!

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