A classic romance

One of my favorite spots in Budapest is the place over the castle tunnel. On one hand, it’s pretty cool to sit with your legs over the edge and see the amazing view. On the other hand my grandfather proposed to my grandma there so it will always be the most romantic place for me.


It was 1961 when they first met at a dancing class. It was love at first sight. She was 17 and he was 22 years old. My grandmother grown up in a noble family with maids around and got an old-style education, but my grandfather’s family was ordinary, from the railway business. My grandmother’s parents prohibited her to go out with my grandpa because of his lower rank.


They had to go out secretly, but she always found an excuse to get away and meet him. Their meeting-place was usually over the castle tunnel and alongside the Danube. Shortly after they met, my grandfather tried to kiss her, but she said she cannot kiss anyone except someone who is going to be her husband. And in that moment he got on his knees and asked for her hand. The answer was YES. My grandmother didn’t care anymore what her family thought and they announced the big news.


Her parents were furious. They argued over the night, and in the end they disowned her, saying they never want to see her again. They even made her brother promise to never talk to her again. My grandfather and grandmother had a humble wedding with the help of my grandfather’s family. Then they started to rebuild their life from nothing. It was a huge trauma for my grandmother, but in the end they graduated, had 3 beautiful children and lived happily ever after. They go to that spot every year on their wedding anniversary and they had their 50th last year.


This is the ultimate love story for me. I can’t imagine anything more romantic as I see how they love each other after such a long time. When I am there I like to think about how many couples have history related to that little spot.


Last time I was there I took the stairs from Clark Adam square and when I got there it was sunset, the weather was clear and the sky was orange and purple, I could easily see Budapest’s beautiful sights.

I’ve already organized dates to that place, who knows, maybe that spot will be my lucky charm.



By Andrea Bohár


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