Life without Letters

I have to start my story with the fact that I get loads of postcards and letters from friends and family when I am abroad. Therefore, I had the only key for our mailbox with me all the time – safe on my bunch of keys, I thought. But when I got home and wanted to open the mailbox one day I realized, that I somehow lost the key. Damn!

I tried to open the mailbox with all the other keys, a hairpin, a creditcard and so on, without success. I started to get desperate at that point and since I live close to a lock and key service, I went there and tried to explain my problem. Unfortunately, the guy couldn’t speak a word English or German, so I drew a little mailbox and a key – he understood the fact that I lost my mailbox key but couldn’t help me with it. In a bit of panic, I bought another mailbox key, which of course did not fit to the keyhole.

From that point on, I started to take photos of the content of my mailbox, to check if I received any letters or cards. Of course, I got a pick-up notification for a parcel I had to collect at the post within a week – otherwise, they’d send it back to Germany. I then wrote to my landlady, who said that she just received one key and would try to get another one in the next days – which was too late for me. I tried to open the mailbox again, with a knife this time, which didn’t work as well. After trying to fish the notification with a spoon, I had the brilliant idea of putting duck tape on a knife and stick it to the notification inside the mailbox to pull it out. Unfortunately, the knife slipped out of my hand and fell into the mailbox.

I had no clue what to do, so I discussed the case with my flatmate, who advised me to try to get the parcel without notification – which was no problem at all!

I still haven’t got a key but in the last days, a smart friend visited me and managed to get all the post out of the mailbox with a chopstick. So I hope I can do that as well in the next days, as long as I receive a second key in the middle of april.

By Sarah Schäfer


2 responses to “Life without Letters

  1. Maybe you could ask someone from this blog? If it’s just one postcard, I guess that would be no problem.

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