Marxim Bar – A communistic remnant in Budapest?


Marxim Bar is a small pub and pizzeria which is located on Buda side in Kisrókus utca (Szell Kallman tér metro station).

The pub is a rather non-touristic and unusual place as it is designed with communistic symbols and posters that hint to important events in the history of the Soviet Union; the colours of the interior are mainly red, white and black. But not only the design of the pub but also the menu is a homage to communism – besides usual pizzas one can find pizzas such as “Papa Marx’ favourite” and “Gulag pizza”.

Entering the Marxim Bar you can read a sign that says “A mi feladatum tanulni, tanulni, tanulni” what is a Lenin quote and means as much as “Our duty is to learn, learn, learn”. But taking a second look at the bar’s interior you quickly recognize that the bar is more a humorous homage to communism than a serious tribute. Another sign over the bar tells you “Avoid hangovers – stay drunk” and so advises you not to take the design too seriously.

Nevertheless the current owner of the bar had to go to court only some years ago because of the use of extremist communistic symbols, although he himself just bought the pub from its original owner because he simply liked the visual design. The pub was founded 22 years ago and back then was decorated with only a few communistic illustrations.

Today Marxim Bar is a place where you can take a relaxed beer, longdrink, cocktail or non-alcoholic drink in an alternative atmosphere for a good price. Pizzas cost between 890 and 1590 HUF.


Marxim Bar

Kisrókus utca, 23

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 12 – 01; Friday and Saturday 12 – 02; Sunday 18-01

by Daniel Marx


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