My way to Budapest

Going to Budapest was kind of a coincidence for me. I have to admit that I actually forgot to apply for the Erasmus-exchange and when I recognized I worried a lot. But as a friend told me there would be a vacant place for Erasmus in Istanbul I asked my coordinator about it, but he had to disappoint me and said there would be no vacant places for Istanbul.
Luckily he could offer me to file a last-minute application for Budapest as there was coincidentally one place left. As the official application period was already over he offered me on the condition that I had to write the application and decide the same day, because he had to file all the Erasmus documents the same day. I have to say that I didn’t really know much about Budapest, but I didn’t hesitate for a long time. I agreed and took the opportunity.

Now as I am in Budapest since two months I can say that I am totally happy I went to Budapest as I really like the city, the people and the life.

By the way I recently visited Istanbul, the city I thought I might go to at first, to see some friends and visit the city. As two of my friends are on Erasmus there it was a good opportunity to compare the Erasmus lives in Istanbul and Budapest.
I liked Istanbul, because it is a impressing and interesting city as it connects Europe and Asia. But if I had to choose between Budapest and Istanbul today I would choose Budapest – Istanbul is unique, but for me it is too busy and too crowded although it surely is a great city for Erasmus, too.
I see it as a good sign that coming back to Budapest after a busy week in Istanbul felt like coming home although my actual home is more than 1000 kilometres away.

by Daniel Marx


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