One of the most Hidden Treasures in Budapest – Keret


In a backstreet close to Blaha Lujza Ter, in a house you would never regard as conspicuous, you will find behind big wooden doors and dark curtains, the pub of Keret.

When I was standing right in front of the house I was not able to hear anything that is happening inside. Then the door opened and it felt like entering a totally hidden and different world. Keret is a pub, but it is more kind of a flat. You enter a room which seems like a living room, full of old and not matching furniture. The carpets could be the ones of my grandparents’, there is just dimmed light coming from the rare lamps. It was quite early in the evening, but the place was already quite busy. People were sitting around tables, enjoying their drinks and cigarettes. Dogs were walking around and the whole atmosphere was very friendly and cosy.

We climbed up the stairs to find a seat. Because there was no menu, the waiter told us what kind of drinks he could offer; all the beers they sell are products of Hungarian manufacturers. He also told us, that Keret has existed for seven years. Their goal is to create a community and not a public place. That’s why in the beginning two-hundred keys went round from hand to hand, but after a while they have changed on this practice. Now people who are coming there, know the place because of their friends and then they are going to tell their other friends and that is how the knowledge of this hidden place is spread.

So maybe when you come to Budapest, some of your friends will show you Keret too and you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of a real Hidden Treasure.



One response to “One of the most Hidden Treasures in Budapest – Keret

  1. I totally agree. I used to live in Budapest I stumbled upon this place one afternoon after finishing work on my way home (Rákóczi Tér) back in 2008. It had some wonderful jazz and excellent Turkish coffee. I spent numerous evenings taking notes on life, love and work in this place and whilst those bits of paper have been lost from my life, the memories still remain. A true gem of Budapest.

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