Szerelemes vadyok – I am in love

1Szerelemes vadyok – I am in love.

At the beginning, when I first came to Budapest I immediately loved all the beautiful buildings. You
just walk down the street and keep taking pictures of buildings that you don’t know or what goes on
inside them, but they are just so nice, even the University buildings of ELTE are!
Because I was new here, I didn’t know the way and sometimes I asked for help, but everybody said
they could not speak English. I didn’t believe this at all! So that was my first and until now last bad
experience in Budapest. The Hungarian students are so open and welcoming and they are prepared
to help you with anything. The prices compared to the West of Europe are much cheaper. The hidden
places are so nice too! I am falling in love with Budapest. ❤
What bad things can I say? Nothing! Even the difficult language is growing on me. I am even looking
forward to the summer, because then the parks will be nice and it is nicer to walk down the street at
night. Today it is snowing, but for me Budapest is still beautiful. I have not a nice story to tell, but I
still wanted to share this with you.
We will see what more good things Budapest will give me the time I will be here.

By Claire Föllings


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