The Security Guy

downloadThe Security Guy

Last weekend, I went to a birthday party for a Hungarian girlfriend. Her closest friends speak very
good English, but at the party there were a lot of Hungarians my age that didn’t speak English very
The amount of alcohol that was being drank increased and some people smoked, like me. To have
a cigarette, we went outside. There is a rule in Hungary that you need to smoke five meters away
from the entrance door to the pub, so we did. However, it was not good enough for the security guy
because he came over several times to us to say that we should quiet down and not make so much
noise. So we did, but during the conversation we started laughing and talking loud again
I was trying to show off with the some Hungarian words I know. Most of them are basic, which are
always one of the first words you learn from a foreign language. The security guy came this time
to me and started talking like ‘’blablablablabla’. Of course, I couldn’t understand him and I almost
started laughing in his face, because I thought it was so funny that he kept talking while I was not
really listening because I couldn’t understand anything of it. I said to the security guy, ‘English,
English!!’. So eventually he used his hands to explain to me to quiet down and my Hungarian
girlfriend translated that we should be more quiet. Ok, problem solved.
The security guy turned his back on us and he was walking back to the entrance door when my
lovely Hungarian girlfriend said to me that I should say ‘Kussolj’ to the security guy. I was not very
alert because of the drinks and of course I thought she was saying something nice because she is my
girlfriend. And girlfriends help each other, especially when there is a language problem. So I shouted
to the security guy ‘KUSSOLJ! KUSSOLJ!’. Then everybody was quiet and the girlfriend next to me
started laughing so hard. And then was the moment it hit me. ‘Kussolj’ was not something like ‘sorry’,
but it meant ‘shut up!’. So I was alert again and shouted ‘Bocsánat’ to the guy. But he didn’t respond
to anything. Lucky me!!

By Claire Föllings


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