Before I came on Erasmus to Budapest, a thing called ‘culture shock’ was mentioned to me quite a few times. I, of course, didn’t heed any of the warnings or advice about culture shock as I strongly believed that it just couldn’t happen to me. I was excited to leave Ireland and experience new things so I throw that leaflet in the bin and packed up my stuff to start my new adventure.

While I do love being in Budapest and I’m enjoying doing something new, for a few weeks that really wasn’t the case. For the first five weeks of being here, I loved it! I met lots of new people,  but pretty soon, the novelty wore off. By week six, I was a blubbering, emotional mess and the whole transition to a new country, college and people began to hit me…hard.

I was miserable and couldn’t stop thinking about my friends and the small comforts I had at home. Being here was starting to get increasingly harder and after two weeks of feeling sorry for myself, I decided that I had to do something about it. So, I took to Google for answers. I came across many forums for people with the same homesickness issue and was surprised by just how common it was to feel this way.

Thankfully, the homesickness phase was a brief one and I fully intend to make the best of my last few weeks here in Budapest but I am looking forward to seeing my family again and some of mammy’s homecooking!


One response to “Homesick

  1. We just talked about that stupid thing in class… I heard you’ll have it coming here and another time going back…. hurgh, sucks!

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