Coming to a new country can throw up a few troubling times, as well as many wonderful ones. Luckily for me one of the things that I turn to in tough times brings me as much pleasure when I’m feeling good. I really like Cake.

Budapest is a great city for sweets, small Cafes litter the pavements and there is no shortage of ice cream parlours and you can even get cake in Szimpla, one of the most famous ruin bars. If you’r looking for a bright colourful, candy hued palace of tat, Sugar might be for you. Located near the Opera house Sugar is bright and loud, if you’re traveling with children this could well be the highlight of their trip, The cakes are brightly coloured and their range is huge, they also offer a varied selection of macaroons which I personally am very fond of.

I prefer something a bit quieter to indulge my vices and while Sugar had its charms it loses out to the Cafe Central (1053 Budapest, Károlyi Mihály St 9, Hungary). Located near Ferenciek Tere subway station the Cafe Central is a dark paneled, high ceilinged, be-chandeliered old place. They do have a full menu that I haven’t tried but why would you when you can just have more cake. My personal favourite is the Central Cake, named after the cafe it is a soft, chocolate covered delight, studded with crispy caramel shards studded with cocoa nibs and sprinkled with edible glitter. They also have a selection of other cakes to fit every palette, as well as macaroons and I’m pretty sure the are also the reason some of my clothes are starting to feel a little tight.





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