A time travel in Budapest


If you need a litte escape from the here and now, there are some opportunities to travel to the past in Budapest. Hungary is a country which is full of history- and the communist era is one important period which strongly effected Budapest and Hungary.
After 1989 when the communist regime was over, the old communist statues were removed from the city. Luckily, those remains of communism where not destroyed but they where collected in the Memento Park which is about one hour by tram and bus from the city center. If you enter the park the time travel begins immediately: Visitors are welcomed by communist music ringing out of a retro radio. A light blue trabant is decorating the entrance area. To catch the real communist feeling you can even take a seat in a car from that era. The park is not that big, but worth visiting (the entrance fee is 1500 HUF and for students 1000 HUF). By the presence of the big heroic and gladiatorial figures you have an idea of what the communist´s authority was like. If you want to take the communist- feeling home you can buy things like postcards, cubs and even a Soviet passport.
To continue the time travel you should go to the Táskarádió-Eszpresszó- a fancy retro bar, which is full of furniture of the 60s and 70s. Not only do the chairs and tables remind you of that period- in the bar you can also find a lot of small treasures, like stuffed animals and toys or old tv´s. The whole bar is overloaded with colorfull stuff and every small detail makes you feel like you are in the 60s. Black and white pictures on the wall are witnesses of the time back then. I would say it is a must-see for everyone who loves bits and pieces from the 60s and 70s. It is possible to visit Táskarádió-Eszpresszó in the morning, the afternoon (for a meal, snack or a coffee) or in the evening for a pre-drink.
In my opinion a day in the Memento Park followed with a drink or a meal at the Táskarádió-Eszpresszó is a great way to turn back to a time for a while which most of us never experienced- a time which probably was less glamourous than it is represented. But how can you appreciate the present time when you never had a look into the past…!?

Memento Park
Balatoni út – Szabadkai utca sarok

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 10 a.m. till dusk

Papnövelde utca 8

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 09:00- 00:00

By Ann-Kathrin Hennig





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