Cat Café

When the first so called Cat Café opened in Budapest, the public opinion divided instantly. Half the people criticised them for being unsanitary and a form of animal abuse, the other half adored the idea for making pets available for those who live in a small flat in the city and are not allowed to keep them by themselves. The owners of the cafés say that in Japan, Cat Cafés are very popular, because the big city lifestyle is incompatible with keeping pets, but the cuteness and kindness of the animals are missed. Now after London and Vienna, Budapest is to offer cute fluffy company while enjoying your afternoon latte or juice. There is actually two available in Budapest, we visited the very first, and the one which is more like a cafe.Cat to cuddle

In Damjanich utca 38, this extraordinary place is waiting for you. The Cat Café exists about two months and already turned to a quite popular place, especially for cat lovers. The special thing about this café is that there are actually real cats walking around. You can cuddle, pet and play with them, while having a nice coffee, juice and homemade cakes.  Kriszti even took her courage and tried a beetroot brownie, which turned out to be very tasty, a thick, bittersweet cake, just a little strange (but the good kind of strange). The three cats are the attraction of the place and seem to enjoy the attention of the visitors a lot. Sometimes they are just running through the whole café catching a fluffy toy. This looks nothing like animal abuse. More likely the cats seem like minions, to serve their daily needs of cuddles, rubs and rattling wands.

Another cat to cuddleSome people might have concerns about the hygiene, but the place behind the counter and the kitchen are closed, so no cat can enter. There are also little bottles with cleaning- and disinfection solution on the tables.

For those who have enough of cuddling the cats, there are some board games which you can find in every corner of the café.

 The Cat Café is a ‘must-seen’ place for all cat fanatics.

Where to find the Cat Café

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