Useful link collection for Foreigners in Hungary


Tempus Public Foundation

The site of Tempus Public Foundation is a useful guide for long-term visitors in Hungary. You can check out the basic information about the country, study its brief history, understand how Hungarian names work or read about famous Hungarians.

 Balassi Insitute – The Hungarian Scholarship Board Office

The site of Balassi Institute, the Hungarian Scholarship Board Office offers scholarships not only for Hungarian, but foreign students and lecturers in higher education institutions and for researchers. It’s worth to look at the site regulary to read about the new opportunities. for Foreigners

Here you can search for Hungarian academic programs, read about what’s new in higher education from student grants to student cards and even find information about the process of getting a degree in Hungary.

Hungarian Language:


This website gives you new paths to the Hungarian language. You can find short exercises, worksheets and grammar sheets here and search through the language books for further studying.




Go To Hungary

Go To Hungary is a webpage where you can plan your next trip in Hungary or just catch up with the latest news in tourism. Learn about Hungay’s regions, check out the trip ideas and decide which festival is going to be the next on your list!

We Love Budapest

The absolute best webpage if you have no idea what to do in Budapest. Based on your preferences and even your personal style you can search for accommodation, check the next feautered event or go through the dozens of articles showing you the side of the city.

Spotted by Locals in Budapest

Spotted by Locals in Budapest is az online city guide with up-to-date insider tips in Budapest. They can recommend you anything if you can’t decide where to go or what to do with your time: even if you only want some snacks, want to see a good play or drink up an espresso.

Budapest’s tourist information site is a classical guide for foreigners with useful information. They have tips even for business travellers specifically, info about city transportation and medical tourism. You can even check the weather here before going out.

Government contacts:

Hungarian Government Contacts

This is the website of the Hungarian Government offering you the most important contacts. The addresses, phone numbers of the International Communications Office and the Ministy or Foreign Affairs can be especially useful for foreigners.

by Petra Gönczi and Flóra Breiner

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