One shy love letter

Budapest is not my hometown: I was born and I live in Vác, which is a smaller town a few kilometres above the capital. As I went to high school in Budapest, I spent a lot of time here, made friends here, it became a second hometown to me.

As I live in another town, at first it wasn’t easy to became friends with Budapest and I must admit, in the first few months I was really lost. I was like, Jesus, what are these people rushing for, or at the metro station I was thinking: what the hell did I do to you to look at me like this?

After a couple of years we became closer and closer, and as I started university I left my former job in Vác and started another in Budapest, so it just became an actual home. The strangeness is gone, or I just enjoy the rushing and the strange faces in the town, the streets, the parks or just a cup of coffee at school.

So Budapest, the Danube, the houses, the bridges, the squares and streets, the people give you the atmosphere, and I think I am a part you, as much as you are a part of me.

by Zsófi Nábelek


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