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About a year and a half ago, I applied for Erasmus-Exchange. Budapest was my second choice, but I was still very happy when I knew I was going to study the spring semester here.

As I didn´t want to stay the first semester in Madrid (my home city), I decided to go on an adventure: going to London for six months in order to improve my English and, above all, to live an unforgettable experience. To be honest, I didn´t achieve both goals since most of the time I spent there I spoke in Spanish but I had the best experience of my life!

When I arrived to London, which as all of you know is a huge city, I was lost. I went to Victoria Station; where I had met a friend of a friend, and we went to the hostel we had booked for two nights where we would begin our adventure.

A few days later we got a room and a job, one of the most important things you need to live in London if you are not rich! And that friend of my friend became one of my best friends, almost my wife as we lived in the same room and we worked together.

Living in London wasn´t easy. It’s a really expensive city, so we had to work really hard to pay the room, the transport and others expenses. But soon, I fell in love with this great city and it became my city: I had my flat, my job and my friends… To be honest, I didn´t want to leave London … when December was close, I was so sad that I hesitated going to Budapest. In fact, I went to Madrid for Christmas with all my luggage because I wasn´t going to come back, but during those days, I decided I wanted to stay in London, so on the 4th January, I came back to London with all my luggage. However, I don´t know why, I changed my mind, I couldn´t miss the Erasmus experience, so on 24th January, returned to Madrid with all my luggage again to go to Budapest and finally I arrived here 4th February. I went crazy!

I liked Budapest from the first time I saw it and I can also say that it has become my city. After three months living here, I can´t help being impressed when I walk through the city… Budapest is the most beautiful city in the world!

It is true that I lived in London a really nice stage I will never forget and the people I met there always will form part of my life but nowadays, I know I made the right decision. Here I am also living a good experience, I’m having fun, I have met many people from different countries…

What else can I say? I feel lucky to have the opportunity to live in Budapest for 5 months.

By Alicia Fernández Rivas.


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