Not so far from the center of Budapest is the huge Chinese market, called “Józsefváros” or better known as “Four Tigers”.


I got some information about how the Chinese Market of Budapest was created at the time of transition from communism, when many Chinese people came to Hungary in the early 90s because they didn´t need a visa. At first, they sold things on the streets or in the subway underground passage, but then began to sell in old markets or in abandoned buildings in the city. After that, some Hungarians saw the business and put together everything they needed to open this market. Nowadays, most of the sellers are from Vietnam.

It’s easy to get there, you have to take the tram number 28 in Blaha Lujza ter and you have to get off in Kőbányai Út 31, it takes about 15 minutes.

chinese market 1

You will see the market from both sides. In the left side, the original Chinese market called Négy Tigris and in the right side there are more wholesale shops but you can buy things in some of them.  Therefore, the most interesting part for shopping is the original market, where you can buy whatever you want: clothes, shoes, complements, kitchen and home stuff, toys for children, food and much more with affordable prices… for example, we bought a bag for 5 euros and 2 necklaces for 2,60 euros. However, I also recommend taking a walk around the other side because you can see a lot of stores and as I´ve said, you can buy things there.


After shopping, you can also eat in here, Chinese food of course! There are lunch stands located all through the market. The food is good, cheap, and authentic!

I think the market is not well known as the sellers were surprised to see new customers. Some of them were very friendly and asked us where we were from, but, on the other hand, others weren´t really nice and they told us it was forbidden to take pictures … I didn´t understand why … So the photos I have here were all taken surreptitiously!

So, if you want to see something different in the city, go to the Chinese market, it is open daily until around 4 pm.  To be there is like to be in another country!


chines market 3

chinese market 2

By Alicia Fernández Rivas

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