The murder exhibition….a must see!


While not typically the most ‘touristy’ thing to do whilst living in Budapest, when I heard about the murder exhibition, I was really excited to go and see what it was about. As an avid watcher of all things crime, like CSI and Criminal minds, the murder exhibition was one thing I was adamant about seeing before I left. And yes, I am probably the worst tourist ever!

To go and see the exhibition, you pay 2,500 forints, which was a pretty high price to pay in comparison to other places I had been to. But I wasn’t turned off and handed over the money without a second thought. At first glance, I wasn’t expecting much and assumed it would just be a room full of documentaries about different serial killers that would take you half an hour to read and then you’d leave, suddenly missing those 2500 forints from your pocket.

But, thankfully, I was wrong. We were sent up to the third floor on a large elevator and told to put our belongings in the cloakroom (for free, of course!) and no cameras or mobile phones are allowed beyond this point. We were handed a headset that provides the voice over for what we were about to see. I have to say that this voice over was perhaps the worst thing about the exhibition, the voice acting at some parts was more horrifying than the murders themselves. At some points, I had to stifle a laugh in case, the other people thought I had a twisted sense of humour.

The exhibition takes place in all different rooms which are set up incredibly well. The atmosphere in each room changes as it provides the setting for different serial killers from different times and countries. As well as having the voice over, some of the rooms had videos and mini-plays to convey the stories of the serial killers and their victims more realistically. In one room, they even gave us a small flashlight to look around the mock set-up of the house of Ed Geins. It was very realistic, if not a little creepy at times.

At the end, you come to the relaxation room. After an hour and a half of walking, I didn’t really mind the chance to sit down and relax for a few minutes…but unless you want ten minutes of religion in your ear, I’d recommend you turn the voice over off at this point.

The murder exhibition was definitely one of the best places I’ve been to in Budapest and would recommend it to anyone. However, if you’re of a squeamish nature, then be sure to bring along someone else to hold your hand as at some points, the descriptions can be quite graphic.

1051 Vörösmarty Tér 1. – Üvegpalota

The exhibition is open during the following days and time periods:

Monday-Thursday: 12:00-21:00

Friday: 12:00-00:00

Saturday: 10:00-00:00


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