Europe day in Budapest


I had just come back from Greece and i couldn’t recognize the city.  Greenery everywhere, flowers, chairs outside, people in shorts. I don’t know if I came back to the right place but I totally loved it!!! I left my suitcase at home and rushed to the Danube! After seeing the sunset, sitting in front of the parliament which had been recently renovated and looked amazing, I walked beside the Danube. Trees everywhere, happy people enjoying the view, and something caught my eye.  A parade of mainly older people, holding sticks with fire, was walking towards. They were also holding flags and banners. They were uncountable! There were also photographers trying to capture their every moment. “Hey watch out!”, I  yelled. I almost got burnt.

“mszp” “democratic party”, “communist party” were the words written on the protesters flags. They were so many. After watching this “parade” I rushed home and searched the internet for this event.  I also asked a Hungarian friend of mine because I really needed her help.

So let me inform you. On the 9th of may is Europe day. Europe Day is an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe. It was  also exactly 68 years ago when the reign of the nazi terror and the reign of the even worse extreme right party had ended in Hungary.

The demonstration I had observed by the riverside included the following parties:  mszp, együtt 2014, democratic coalision, lmp, hungarian liberal party and klubradio.

These democratic opposition parties commemorated the day with peace and Europe. They represented their joined forces against the recent political standing. The march started in front of the Academy of Sciences of the Danube and ended where the famous “shoes” are placed.

Besides the fact that this parade was eye-catching, it is good that people still remember and honor the sacrifices of their elders and fight for what they believe in.



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