Ladies of the night.


I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing that there are 24 hour supermarkets at which you can buy charred meat in a pita at any time of night. When I step on a weighing scales I think it’s a bad thing but when I’m bored at 3AM they seem like a great idea. One night as I was coming out of the shop a young woman in a puffy jacket came up to me and spoke quite a lot of Hungarian at me. I continued chewing until I could speak and muttered, “English?” expecting a plea for bus fare or a question about directions.

“Sex?” Was a question that shocked me a little.

“No thank you. I have a gyros” was the only thing I could think to say and I realized how stupid it sounded as soon as I had closed my mouth and scuttled into the night. What was also going through my head was, “I’’m pretty! I’m pretty!”

It happened again a few days later, a woman who was old enough to be my mother waved at me in the most coquettish way imaginable. Again I blushed and hurried away trying to convince myself that I was pretty. Of course the women asking and waving didn’t think of me in any other way than a person trying to get you to come into their shop. Then I started to feel sad for the women, their job really is a bit crap. And you wonder how many times a night people scuttle away from them. So if this does happen to you, be polite and remember its not because you don’t look cute enough to get laid for free.


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