The bookstore with a surprise


A bookstore and a café

When you walk down the street and see this shop, you would never think that it’s a café. I got a tip from a friend to check this out, so I did. When you enter the shop it looks like an ordinary bookstore. There are books everywhere; cabinets that reach the ceiling are stuffed with books. They sell new books, old books, second hand books and also books that are in English.
But, when you walk further in, there are small tables and seats. This becomes more rare for a book store, but not totally surprising. For me it started to look more like a library with the possibility to read in silence. Then I saw a man with his laptop working and he had a coffee. Two tables further there was a girl my age also working with her laptop and having a drink. The room behind her didn’t have a lot of books, but a sofa and a table where people could relax, read a book or work.
Next to this room you can enter the garden and do the same there. I have never seen something like this, but when I talked to my teacher about this she didn’t seemed surprised. Later, I talked to a Hungarian friend about this discovery andhe told me it is actually more common in Budapest. The seller told me that this bookstore is actually the second to open in the Branch of Massolit Books.
The idea started in Krakow, Poland. He said that they are specialized in popular and academic books. They try to be special and more unique by collecting books with subjects that are difficult to find, for example about Jewish studies or progressives politics.  He even gave me a list of all the kind of books that they sell and the prices of their café. You can find this information below.

So if you would like to learn in a motivating surroundings (they have free wifi), but also in a relaxing vibe, you should go to this bookstore. In the summer you could enjoy reading your book with a nice lemonade and a fresh baked cake in Massolit’s garden.

Massolit Books
1072 Budapest, Nagy Diófa utca 30-32

Monday – Saturday from 11am to 8 pm.

What books they sell:
Books in English:
Hungarian literature, Eastern European literature, American studies, African-American studies, Asian studies, Latin-American studies, Israeli and Middle Eastern studies, Holocaust studies, Jewish studies, Jewish literature, Antisemitism, Contemporary literature, Penguin Classics, Poetry, Political science, Sociology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Cultural studies, Psychology, Science, Literary biographies, Literary criticism, Ancient Classics and Mythology, History, Eastern European History, German history Russian History, Gender and Women’s studies. They also have the more standard books as dictionaries, travel books and even children books.
Books in Polish:
Contemporary Polish literature, Classic Polish literature, World literature, History, Art
Newspaper and magazines:
The Guardian weekly, The Budapest Times, Time, Pilvax, Jelenkor, Élt és Irodalom, Lettre (magyar), Gazeta Wyborcza/Wysokie Obcasy

Café prices
Espresso – 280
Cappuccino – 350
Café au lait – 350
Caffé latte – 380
Cafe bombon – 38
Tea – 350
Hot chocolate – 400
Juice – 300 (2,5dl)
Water – 220 (2,5dl)
Chocolate chip cookie – 150 ft
Brownie – 250 ft
Apple Pie – 380 ft
Vegetable Quiche – 480 ft


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