The chocolate cafe


Azték Choxolat

If you are a chocolate freak, then stop doing what you are doing and read this little article.
There is a little café that almost only sells products with chocolate! This café is really small. There are two tables and seats for approximately 6-8 persons. Standing in the café/shop makes you feel like you are a big person, because it is so small. You could even easily miss this shop, because it is located in a small side street of one of the main streets in Budapest.
Although this is such a small place, it sells incredible products. If you have seen the movie ‘Chocolate’ this shop could easily have been the store of the main character. It is like candy land, but then cocoa land. Even the way they present it is lovely. Try the hot chocolate with rum and cherry, or the Mayas which has six different herbs and spices. There is enough choice from strange combinations to more ordinary combinations. There are around so many different flavors you can choose for your hot chocolate, your coffee or the bonbons you want.
For everybody there is something in there. You can choose to take the small, medium or large size. Believe me the medium size is already big enough for the content of the cup. Chocolate fills, so you can easily spend more than an hour there with someone enjoying your chocolate drinks or treats. And if you want, you can extend this delight by buying the sweets to take home. You can even buy the spices there to try it yourself at home. It would also be a great present.

Károly Körút 22

Monday – Friday form 7am – 7pm
Saturday from 9am – 2pm


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