The Flower Lady


The flower lady

When I walked down the streets in Budapest during the winter I was surprised to see the flower stands where open in the middle of the night. It was not valentine’s day or something like that. There was a lady working alone in the middle of the night, maybe preparing the flowers for the next day.
But why was she open so late? I can’t speak Hungarian and that time I didn’t think about asking her. A few weeks later I saw it again near my house. This time I thought that I should take my mentor with me one night and ‘catch’ the lady working during the night. Unfortunately this never happened and my question is still not answered. During the day I bought one time a flower for a friend that was coming to visit me and I felt the urge again to ask it.  Unfortunately it was clear that this lady didn’t speak very good English. We talked with ‘hands and feet’ and she showed me on a calculator the price for the flowers. I am still very curious about this question and there raised even more questions. Would the lady work the whole year? Does she earn enough out if this or is it just something extra? What kind of people buy flowers in the middle or the night? Why is she open in the middle of the night doesn’t she do it in the morning or during the day? Why are some flower stand closed and why are others open in the winter, and even now in May? Hopefully I will get the answers before I am going back to my home country. If not, somebody else could take this job for me in the future maybe?


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