The milk bar


Cserpes Tejivó

This place is not hidden, but still very special. My mentor took me here. The funny thing is that I come from the Netherlands, and we are specialized in products with milk, like cheese. We are the ‘cow-country’. This lunchroom is a place where everything is built around milk.
The interior looks modern and it is always very busy. One time I even saw a queue that was 5meters long outside. You can order many different things and they have really cheap menus. Even for the people that don’t like coffee, like me, can have a great ‘coffee-time’ in this place. The menu is written in a childish way on the wall and the seats have different colors. You can have drinks like a coffee latte, tea, chocolate milk or caramel drink. They have many different kind of milkshakes or fruit drinks.  The food they sell is varied too, from sweets to salads. Sandwiched or muesli and yogurt.
The main thing about this lunchroom is that everything is fresh or healthy. If you are done with the mainstream lunches and unhealthy fast-food, then stop by this place and have a healthy lunch!

Monday to Saturday from 7.30am to 10pm
Sunday from 9am to 8pm

1052, Budapest, Sütő utca 2 (at Deák Tér metro station)
1085, Budapest, Corvin köz (near Ferenc Körút metro station)


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