Student council scandal

For years, the student council (HÖK) of the ELTE University’s Faculty of Humanities had complied lists of freshmen students based on their political affiliation, sexual orientation and information about ethnicity or appearance.

The HÖK is claiming to be innocent, insisting that a database of applicants to the university’s freshmen camping trip exists including personal information such as date of birth, address, phone number and email, but the comments were added by strangers. Just to be clear there were really offensive comments, such as calling them Jewish, Roma, gay, ugly or simply a slut.

The Hungarian social network, IWIW was used to collect personal information about the students. So if you had a Greater Hungary (the size of Hungary before World War I and the Trianon Treaty) on your profile picture, then you would have been labelled as a nationalist, or if you had a Hello Kitty picture, they would have called you childish. A meme was also started on the Internet: “Will be good for Pista” (so there was a girl who was pretty and, according to the writer of the list,  one of the student council leaders will get her) and the internet community used this sentence on other girls’ pictures.

Obviously the mere existence of such a list is unacceptable and outrageous, not to mention it is legally forbidden, another problem emerges. The far-right political party, Jobbik is known to recruit most of its members from this student council. So it has political aspects as well.

The student council was suspended and the results of the election are soon to be found out. Let’s hope for a clear and fresh start.


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