My favourite bus

All the Hungarians are aware of the fact, that Budapest is an amazing city. With the beautiful architecture and monuments it is no wonder why it became one of the most visited tourist destination in Europe. On the other hand, most of us, Hungarians sometimes forget about this fact and we go through our days and weeks without appreciating it. Foreigners always say how nice it is for us that we can live in this city and see all this every single day. Of course I nod and agree. Since I got the chance to study abroad and I will leave for a year or two, not just by myself but with my family, I started to think about what I would miss from Budapest the most. Of course my friends, the places, the musicians on the streets, the flower ladies (as mentioned before), the spicy food, especially töltött káposzta, and even the grumpy people who are always complaining about something.


Next to all this I will definitely miss my favorite bus ride. Until a couple of years ago I would take the bus 16 many times, instead of the metro from Deák Ferenc square to Széll Kálmán tér. It would take me much more time to get to my destination but it was worth it. This small bus’s route goes through Chain-bridge and then turns, and goes through all the way the castle area until Széll Kálmán tér. The view is beautiful and it never gets boring. Doesn’t matter what time it is, there is always a traffic jam around the bridge and it takes 15 minutes to cross from Pest to Buda. But still, I noticed that all the people sitting on the bus, either Hungarians or tourist, everyone looks out with wide open eyes to enjoy the view. Not with the usual “I am bored on the bus look” but with an amazed look. Since this is a confession I have to admit, that when I would have an hour when I didn’t have anything to do, which doesn’t happen a lot, I would even get off the bus and go into the small souvenir stores to look around. Not because I really need a T-shirt saying Budapest on it, but because sometimes it just feels nice to be a little bit of a tourist in the city you live.


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