Brace yourself, Budapest!

I survived it. We survived it. These were challenging times but mankind got through them. At least the people of Budapest. I’m talking about the so called „Glamour Days” when most women – and yes, a few men as well – rush into stores to get their hands on clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and basically almost all things which they don’t necessarily need but the scent of the prey calls them onto the field.

So, yes, this weekend was hunting time! Girls, women, ladies, every Mrs. and Ms. bought a magazine which included coupons and then got ready for a 3-days adventure. Some went alone, some with friends and others were accompanied by their very own gentleman. I must lift my imaginary hat for those husbands and boyfriends who stood bravely in the lines in front of the cash registers.


Because those lines were everything but not imaginary. Customers who were still in search mode, tried not to bump into these big snakes. Everybody was determined and heated up with fighting spirit, and possibly frustrated or happy and satisfied, depending on how the hunting went for them.

You see, Budapest transforms into some kind of monster these days. Or to keep up with the previous idea, it somehow becomes a nest of snakes hungry for sales. And basically for a good outfit they always wanted but never had the money to get. The coupons are actually quite helpful in that, providing 20, 30 or sometimes even 50% discounts, so it only takes courage from you to go into the nest and fight for the nice pieces.

I myself had to apologize to others in every 10-15 seconds for accidentally bumping into them, stepping on their feet or just trying to get through to reach another wall of clothes. I was looking for a winter coat and in the beginning I had this crazy idea to check out all the shops for it (where I could use a coupon). I usually prefer to do the shopping with specific aims set instead of wandering around not showing any interest in the time passing or the pain growing in my feet, and even this time – shocking! – I couldn’t change my strategy. After looking around in a couple of stores I was so fed up with the crowd that once I seemed to find a fitting coat I liked, I returned and bought it. (Ironically in a shop where I could use none of the coupons. Karma?)

Obviously I saw some nice trousers, pullovers and accessories which could have satisfied the girly side of my soul but realized that just because I can have something (and this time cheaper), it doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to have it. Can you believe that this idea came to me in the middle of a huge shopping centre? I should have put up a sign somewhere there to spread these words of wisdom. It might have had an effect in some of the costumers.


On the other hand, we might as well get used to this craziness that comes to town from time to time. In spring we had „Cosmo Days” and now „Glamour Days”. (These glossy magazines do good work for their money, don’t they?) Or if you can’t seem to handle this amuck, then stay at home and lock your doors to stay away from the trouble. And oh, let me tell you just in time that the next session comes in November (the 8-9-10th): „Joy Days”.

Brace yourself, Budapest!

Petra Gönczi


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