Spotted by locals, tried by foreigners: Calgary Antik Drinkbár

When somebody explains something to you, your mind immediately creates a mental image based on your experience and imagination. When Hanna Telek told me about Calgary Bar, I couldn’t imagine how special this place was. The walls get all your attention instantly, the poor light creates a special atmosphere even if the sun is up in the sky outside. The details of the furniture, the tablecloth and the lamps – Hanna was so right, you can’t find two similar things at Calgary, including mugs and cups.

With the bartender my experience was different from Hanna’s; the old lady told me something in Hungarian that obviously I couldn’t understand. Despite the things that I’ve heard about her, she seemed a kind person to me. As I walked around with the camera she never complained, or at least I could not understand if she did. Her daughter was in the café serving the tables, she was very attentive and polite, so my experience was quite different from Hanna’s who complained about the service. In fact, I would come back to Calgary exactly because in my experience the people who work there have managed to create a familial atmosphere in this small room. All the customers say hello and goodbye to the others customers, and nowadays having this kind of space is a treasure.

The beverages seemed kind of strange. I ordered a hot chocolate with cream, and its taste matched the place perfectly. It was soft, more liquid than usual and with not much cream. For me it was really good but I can’t consider that chocolate a regular one. It’s special, just like the place. The price was cheap for me, but maybe it’s normal for Hungarians. Another thing that got my attention was the absence of menucards, that place doesn’t need a spectacular catalogue of drinks, the bar itself is an attraction the customers.

Definitely Calgary Antik Drinkbár is an amazing place to have a relaxed time drinking and talking. It’s not a tourist bar, and I agree with Hanna that it’s perfect the way it is. The sound inside Calgary is a mixture of the bird’s tweet that lives next to the bar, a strange beep produced by a gadget behind the door, and the calm chat of the clients. There was no music or TV, and that invites people to talk with each other.

Calgary Antik Drinkbar


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