Coming Soon: Street Style Photography

First there was mainstream fashion photography, where the elites of fashion industry created and launched their own sense of aesthetics for commercial and inspirational purposes. Then there was street style photography, a trend that has changed how we see fashion in many ways.


It all started with Bill Cunningham who used to stroll around the streets of New York and capture the style on the streets. Today there are many people, professional photographers or amateur bloggers, who do the same thing, giving fashion a more community based, inspirational and less commercial or elitist character. Nowadays fashion is becoming more and more interactive, as it’s not strictly presented on magazine pages, brand advertising billboards, or through famous Hollywood icons. Now it’s people next door who are in the spotlight and have a chance to become fashion consultants, editors and stylists.

This semester two Erasmus girls from Greece, Marialena and Maria-Iro, will try to capture the street style of Budapest with a series of photography posts and an interview with a professional photographer. If you see us with a camera, don’t forget to pose!

Post #1:

Marialena Perpiraki

Maria Iro Charokopou


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