Coming Soon: Budapest is blooming

A new age for the city’s entrepreneurship is rising up with small, cozy cafés and unique little shops popping up in downtown. That’s only the beginning… These fresh, modern, hype ideas came from productive and willing young people and they are here to stay. These young entrepreneurs took the risk, created new shops from scratch and made them trademarks! As they say, this is not just business, this is a part of their lives.

Image source:

Image source:

We will portray them from a personal perspective and get inspired by their ambitions and dreams: Why did they decide to take the risks? What was their original motive? How life changing the experience of entrepreneurship has been for them?

They will introduce us into their worlds and their views on new opportunities. We can say for sure that they have faced a lot of social, economical and psychological challenges. That’s exactly what has urged us into taking a closer look at their worlds!

Stay tuned for more!

Athina Mastoraki – Maria Stefopoulou – Petra Gönczi

Check out all the stories we covered:


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