Budapest on the Wall – Street art panorama

Copy of DSC_2816_031

Photos by Marton Fogl

Budapest would not Budapest without street art. This is the statement of our brand new series of articles, which is dedicated to present you the vibrant street art scene of the city.

First we’d like to make you familiar with different kinds of street art – from the ones simply decorating our public spaces to those with strong political/social messages  – found by us walking the streets of the so-called Jewish District or the Nothern outskirts of Budapest.

Want to know, who’s standing behind this? We’ll let you know by showing how this anonymous society works – through the eyes of a street artist himself.

And well, if you’re excited enough – may the third opus of our saga be a surprise! Till then, get lost in the city, and discover ART on the walls of your neighbourhood.

Your guides- Dóra Pethő, Márton Fogl and Eszter Neuberger – are university students living in Budapest; they are in love with the city and ready to make you feel the same. Stay tuned, look around!

Parts of the Street art seires:


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