Introduction to an editorial office

Throughout our project, we would like to show how one of the biggest editorial offices of Hungary is working. Since most of us are studying media we think it could be really interesting to see how these sites are built up and work. We are going to show this by analysing one day of the editorial office and by interviewing journalists and employees of the office. Index is a political news portal, and beside that it has several subpages, which are also can be seen on the main page ( The editorial office is on one floor and it has two different sides. One of the sides’ job is for the journalists, called the “index wing”. On the other side people work on the actual topics’ audio-visual representation by making reports and videos.

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The online press part is divided to more parts: in a bigger room, there is four pages’ editorial. Velvet and Dívány (the researched subpages) have the same editor (Zappe Gábor) but we can also find overlapped in between the journalists. Totalcar is another subpage of Index, it has a different editorial and Sportgéza as well, which is a sport portal. In another office we find home affairs, foreign policy, economics, technology and sciences. The equipment are mostly the same. Every journalist has a desk with a computer. The desks are pushed together, but instead of looking at each other, people have their computers in front of them. It is common at the political department, that one scribbler has two or even three monitors. On these they are mostly checking index, bbc and tumblr. The work time is from 9 am to 5 pm. Lunch break is not at one time, everyone has lunch when they want to, or when their work let them. As a relaxation time, there is a ping pong room, but random guitar sessions are not rare either.


By Monday everyone has to send their weekly plan – what kind of material they planned, what they would check out, what would be worth to write about -. Every day starts with a meeting which takes 20-30 minutes. These meeting are about the topics of the week and the methods of how they should be represented. The meeting is controlled by the main editor and the deputy editor (Velvet has two). The main editor goes through the topics and materials one by one to see which are going to be the leading articles and the daily topics. They talk about how much investigation one article needs and who they have to contact for information. It is important, that the main point of these meetings is the common brainstorming, so that all the journalist think and plan together what to bring out from one topic so that can be the most “clickable”. The video material is also discussed at this meeting, what could be interesting of shooting or what the conception is, etc. Every day has two news checkers in duty. From 7 am to 2 pm and from 2 pm to 9 pm. These two people have to constantly check the foreign and important Hungarian sites. The person in duty cannot miss what important happens and news of the day, cause if she/he does the site will suffer for it. (For example on velvet, they missed the Angelina Jolie breast surgery news and the site lost a lot of clicks). During the day people speak to each other through their email list; they send in the news here, discuss the topics. Interviews can be done through phone and it is preferable to do it in person and always with a photographer. A journalist doesn’t go to an interview or event without a photographer!


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