To the movies we go!

Watching films, you would think is pretty much the same, wherever you are. The important bit is that within the frame, and that is mostly identical, regardless of your geographical location. There is, however a certain flavour added by where you happen to be when seeing a certain film, what surrounds you as you step out of the theatre. Certain places happen to be more or less important from a film perspective, ranging from fun facts to cult places for film fanatics.

In our project, we look to explore what importance Budapest has in this particular scene, by collecting some facts about films shot in Budapest loactions, and try to figure out what is the added flavour of the city, by showing you the older cinemas that pre-date the corporate chains, that you can find on the top floor of your standard shopping mall. Finally, we’ll be looking at some language-related topics, in particular, what the movie experience is like in Budapest, if you don’t speak Hungarian, and we’ll look at the current state and culture of dubbing films in several countries.

So grab your popcorn, and take your seats, the first screening is coming soon!

Read Part 1 here.


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