Coming Soon: BP&LGBT


There is a significant LGBT society in Budapest, demonstrated by lots of bars and gay rights programs. Nonetheless this „demonstration” is invisible for the heterosexual society. Our project’s aim is to give publicity for these places, programs and people. It can help foreign homosexual students, who have to face the difficulties of a foreign language and Hungarian society, which is unfortunately not as educated in this topic as it could or should be. Our interviews, reports and essays can also be interesting for those heterosexual foreign (or Hungarian) students, who are more tolerant and curious about this vivid and colorful subculture.

 Stay tuned… Until our first article you can find some information about the local bars here:

 Fruzsina Katona – Gergő Varga – Orsolya Juhász

Krisztián Gergye’s (Hungarian dancer and choreographer) performance at the opening of the 18th Budapest Pride

Keep up with us: How to Party as a Straight Girl?


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