A happy man

It was a boring, cloudly, sad Wednesday. I had just had an exam, and it was successful, but I felt tired. I had many things to do, so I was travelling a lot in the centre of Budapest. Finally, I got on a 4-6 tram and I sat down wearily.

I was reading Metro news, when an old man got on. I was exhausted but I know, that I need to offer my seat. So I smiled and said: „Would you like to sit down?” But he said with big and kind smile: „No, thanks.” Usually similar conversations end up like this, so I said „OK” and looked out the window again. However the old man addressed me: „Excuse me. What are you doing? Are you a student? Or do you work somewhere?” Yes – I replied with surprise – I’m a student in ELTE.” „Oh, really? I tought at ELTE.” And we started to speak. And we talked and talked. Before I got off, he said something that I  will never forget: „Noone speak to anybody. I would like to start it again , but everybody thinks that I am crazy.”

I smiled, said good-bye and got off. I was on the streets for a long time but I could only think about the old man. He was right. We don’t talk. We don’t smile. If I smile in Monday morning, it can be seen on the faces: „Has she got a problem?” We travel beside each other and when somebody wants to „open” we look the otherway.

A little journey in big Budapest, with  a rich lesson. I decided that I will  change something: I  am open to people. Talk. Smile. Don’t turn  away from them, and after all my days will happier and happier. And I trust to other too…

(The picture is from: http://www.bevezetem.hu/cikk/zenes-tomegkozlekedes-budapesten)


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