Budapest of feelings


My story is like many others, I’m just one of the several foreign students who come to Budapest every year. Behind I have left my family, girlfriend, friends and many other things that followed me throughout my life and which I have had to abdicate. The first few days are always troubled, we are in a new and completely unknown city, we do not have friends and everything looks very frightening. Then, as if by magic, everything starts to happen naturally and nothing is forced: the first friends, the first nights out, the first drunkenness, and the first stories. In Portugal we have a word to describe the melancholic feelings caused by the absence of people or things that are emotionally very attached to us, this word is “saudade”. This happens just about two months after we arrived in Budapest, when we are tired of always eating the same chocolate cereals or cheese and ham sandwiches and truly miss our mother’s meals. Sometimes, talking on skype or phone is not enough, and only serves to increase this “saudade”. We want to return, even for a second to kill those feelings that are larger than the actual distance. Words fail and we become hostages of them and of our little intimate world. These are mixed emotions, I know that when I return to my country the feelings will be the opposite, but I always will have good memories, stories and the will of return to Budapest.

Óscar Conde


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