Spotted by Locals, Tried by Foreigners: Melypont

Spotted by: Lőrinc Réti

Place: Mélypont (Rock Bottom)

Category: Bar

Address: Magyar utca 23, Budapest, 1053

When I was hearing this words from Lőrinc, I would have never guess that I had already been in Melypont, the bar just near my Faculty.

The first time that I went to Melypont was for a friend’s birthday party. The meeting point was there, so we could drink some beers in the evening, before going to a club.

He texted me and my friend the address of the place, and we managed to get there. When we arrived to the street, it was empty, except for the two guys smoking in front of a door. We were wondering that maybe this could be the bar we were looking for.And it was. The only sign that this wooden door was leading to a bar were actually the two guys smoking outside. There were no lights, and neither a sign with the name of the place.

I was already expecting the worst, but when I opened the door and went downstairs I was  surprised. The place was really cool, cosy and with a peculiar decoration. I went to the back room to meet my friends and asked for a hand made beer. I was also surprised with the price. Only 300 HUF (1 euro) for half a litre?  And it was so good.


That night I stayed for a short time, and didn’t drink more than one beer, and because of that, I didn’t had the time to fully absorb the atmosphere that this place had to offer. But I knew that I wanted to come back there.

That was the first time that I’ve  heard about that place, and actually I never got to know the name of the bar, until now.

Despite my will to return to that awesome bar, I never went there again until Lőrinc told me about his favourite place. And I would never guess he was talking about “that” bar.

After forgetting about it, I returned there. The moment I was arriving to the address I was so glad to find this place that I liked, but forgotten about.

In this second visit I had time, I observed the place, noticed the details, and enjoyed it in a different way.

I had time to pay attention to the music, to the people, to the decoration, and to the atmosphere.


Vintage design is one of my favourites, specially for bars, and in this bar you can find a lot of it. There is a mix of decoration like couches and chairs, little and big tables (There is a set of table and chairs that seems to come from a 50’s diner), a lot of rugs on the floor and on the walls, rustic mosaics, paintings, and a lot of vintage furniture, like an old television, that resemble to the design from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

There are also some funny stuff “misplaced” on the bar, like a bicycle, a helmet, some clothes hanged on the wall, old clocks, and some shoes on the ceiling of the entrance.


All this kind of decoration gives a great atmosphere to the bar. The low lights, and the nice music on the right volume, that encourages conversation all contribute to a cosy environment, and you just feel like you are sitting in your own home with some friends.


The fact that this place is not perceptible as a bar from outside, makes it special in a way that is particularly frequented by local people. It is not touristic, it doesn’t have a lot of publicity, it is not expensive, and the truth is that I could only hear Hungarian inside. It is a bar for friends of friends of friends, and so on. Not for the general public.


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