Budapest is blooming- Welcome to Lolli Land!!

Berena Bettina, known as Lolli, is a young, fresh entrepreneur who has just just opened her own hair salon this September. Entering her place, Lolli Land, you receive so many positive vibes that completely change your mood! Her cute little shop is located near Bazilika in Révay Köz number 2.


Lolli Land literally came from a fairy tale! The colors on the walls, the magnificent decoration, the excellent service will enchant you.


Lolli finds creativity in every aspect of her life…from hairstyles to decoration… Image

Her goal was to create something that would stand out, something unique. Although she admits that this wasn’t easy. She worked five months for this… But she is not complaining, because it turned out exactly how she wanted it to. A place that represents her completely.

Because of her uniqueness she draws the attention of a lot of foreign clients! On the other hand the locals are a little bit chary. They can come across her shop more than once and stare at it, but it takes time for them to get in the shop and book an appointment. The first question that they ask her is if she is Hungarian!


Lolli is a small town girl that came to Budapest seven years ago, to fulfill her dreams. She first attended hairdressing school and after she graduated, she worked for four years at another hair salon before she made the decision to open her own. This decision wasn’t easy, as she says,” the beginning was hard…the money that was required was a lot and the state was not very supportive either “… “But this was my decision and responsibility and I don’t regret it”.

Her companion to this big effort is her really adorable and protective little friend, Yeti!


Lolli always tries to make the best of herself… She goes to seminars, she even learned how to do head massages! Whatever it takes to have her clients satisfied. She says that if you are a young entrepreneur, you have to be informed about everything that has to do with your job. You also have to keep up with the trends, such as social media and have as much contact with your clients as possible.

She believes that personal contact with her clients is one of the most interesting parts of her job! The feedback that gets from the people, gives her the energy to work harder. She tries to get to know them better and learn something from them.

Apart from her hairdressing skills she also has a talent in pastries!


She says that the secret to this business is not to be shy, think smart and have a clean mind. You have to have an open mind in every situation, stand by your decisions and love what you do. Because if you do that…everyone around you will feel the same!

As for Budapest, she admits that she is in love with the city  ” Budapest  has embraced my style and gave me the opportunity to be myself “. She also wants to travel a lot and meet as many people as possible. But for now she just wants to dedicate herself to her shop and realize her ambitions!

Here, she is with Yeti…this is a goodbye picture with the promise that we will see her again soon! What a beautiful person!



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