Spotted by locals, tried by foreigners: Sirius Tea House

Do you know that feeling when you go into a place and suddenly it seems like you have travelled to a different place on Earth? This was the first thought that came to my mind when I went down the stairs of Sirius Tea House. Szabolcs Urbán, a Hungarian friend, recommended the place to me because of the special atmosphere. I totally agree. Every singular corner of this “Teaház” is worth discovering.


After passing through the main door, the first thing is a space with regular tables and chairs near the counter, and all seem normal. Then a different room invites the customers to take off their shoes and start to discover the unexpected spaces inside. A small door camouflaged as a wardrobe opens into the smallest room in the tea house, with low roof and tiny furniture. After that, stairs sorrounded by lots of mirrors lead to the last chamber, a divided space where the food is served through a small window, and you can eat either upstairs, near the bizarre painted sky, or on the pillows below.

The menu makes you think and think, and think… They offer so many different kinds of teas and flavors that it is so hard to decide which one to choose. Sirius is a really nice spot for those who love tea, and they also have hot chocolate and other drinks, but the magic of the beverages is that you can pick the tea you desire in that concrete moment. Teas are not cheap, but in every teapot there are, at least, three servings to fill your cup. The cookies are quite cheap and one always comes with the beverage.

Bartenders are always most important parts of the business. Sirius has two or three waiters (depending on the day and hour) who patiently help you. One of the things that I most appreciate is that you’re free to move inside the tea house. They have a lot of space and nobody stares at you when, let’s say, you’re lying on your back in not a fancy position. I really like that kind of freedom when I’m having a tea, for me it’s a relaxing moment and all the pillows on the floor and the music make these moments more enjoyable.

Definitely, Sirius Teaház is a place for chilling out and forgeting all your problems even if it’s just for a couple of hours.

1088 Budapest, Bródy S. u. 13. Tel: +36 1 266-1708


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