Spotted by Locals, Tried by Foreigners: Caffé Torino

Spotted by: Tamás Soproni

Place: Caffé Torino

Category: Coffee House/Bar

Address: Brody Sandor utca 2, Budapest



I come from Portugal and in my daily routine there is always a moment to have an espresso. In fact, the coffee is really embraced in the Portuguese culture, lifestyle and history. You can find a place to have a good coffee in every corner of the Portuguese streets.

 That was something that I started to miss when I came to Budapest. The lack of places to have a good coffee changed my daily routine. I am no longer having my espresso before classes or after lunch, like it was usual when I was in Portugal. Here I have got used to drink cappuccinos, a type of beverage that I rarely drink in Portugal.

 When Tamás told me about Caffé Torino, I was glad to know there was a place so near to my faculty where I could drink a good espresso. I was eager to try it while absorbing the Italian atmosphere of the place.

 The first time I went there was with some friends, in a sunny day after our classes. “Near the faculty and with good coffee?” It was the perfect place to go.

 Caffé Torino is a small and cozy place, with a great atmosphere. The place is on the side of the National Museum, beautifully surrounded by a green garden, what makes it even more special. When it is sunny, the lovely little tables outside are a good choice to enjoy the ambience.


The place has many types of drinks to offer, from the normal types of coffees to hot chocolates with different flavors, like orange and chili. We all asked for different things and I had the chance to try a few of them. The place is not expensive and everything was really good.

Beside the drinks this is also a place to have a good breakfast or meal. They offer a variety of foods, like Italian dishes, desserts and fresh croissants.


The second time I was there I tried the cheesecake with jam and took an espresso. It was the perfect dessert.

The people who work there are kind and helpful with the clients. They are from Italy and speak fluent Italian to each other, as well as with big part of the clients, what makes this place even more familiar.


So if you want to enjoy Italian style in the heart of Budapest, this is the place to go.


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