Student living

Hello everyone,

We will offer you an amazing project with a bunch of really interesting articles about living situation in Budapest as a student. As you know, we posted on facebook a survey aimed to gather more information about the living circumstances of student in Budapest. When looking through the questionnaire, I found out that most of the international students wanted to come to study in budapest because it was such a beautiful city. The most popular way to flat search was on the internet. And most of them wanted to live in the city centre. Erasmus students mostly share an apartment with someone. They seemed to think that living both with Hungarians and other foreigners is the best situation. Some experienced difficulties while looking for a flat, mostly because of the language barrier. They mostly share the apartment with someone. For those who was living on their own, it’s cheaper here, mostly people said that the rent is more than double price back at home, and better for them because they was living alone in a small flat and here they can afford them a bigger flat to share with flamates. The most common problem is the food. None indication is in English so you have constantly guess the components of a product and they don’t have many various of foods here. We hope that you are as excited as we are about this project, See you soon guys 😉

Student flat (image source: )

Student flat (image source: )


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