The Wall – Street Art III.

I was just travelling home after a long day. I was gazing out from the window of the commuter train called HÉV, when the loudspeaker politely, but peremptorily announced: the upcoming station was Filatorigát. Next minute I found myself looking at a wall, which was probably one of the most colorful things in this city. Most colorful – because it is the only wall that can legally be used for graffiti and street art.


I saw a new painting, and while I was looking at it, I realized that my camera is in my bag. I can’t recall why, but it was there. I hesitated for a moment. It was late in the afternoon, the sky was overcast – but I wanted to show you this place. And yet there was enough light to take some pictures.


As I said, this is one of the few places, where it is allowed to write and paint and put some art on the walls, which are otherwise just as grey as the skies were on that very day when I took the pictures. The district’s authorities allowed it about 20 years ago.


This is the spot, where an eye caught my eye with it’s catchy colors. But we – I mean the concrete flowerpot and me – lost our attention for each other quickly. The flowerpot kept looking at the trees next to the Duna, while I found some empty paint-cans to care about.


Soon it became too dark to take any more pictures, so my trip came to it’s end. Well, there are years-old rumours, that shortly this place will also meet its end. Some say they will turn the area into a shopping center or residential area as soon as they get all the permissions. But some say the graffiti works’ quality is already far from those of the “good old days”…
Anyway, go there and check it for yourself. And then, check back again soon, because this wall never stops changing.



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