Best surprise ever!

_DSC1803I already knew that my father was coming to Budapest this weekend. Of course I had spent several hours planning the places I was going to show him.

Yes, all the Erasmus Students love being tourist guides when any of our friends come to visit us, even though we’ve only been here for a few months and we still get lost from time to time.

We all love to believe that we don’t need the map of the city anymore, but believe me, we definitely do. Anyway, it doesn’t matter how familiar you become with Budapest, your friends always ask you to go to any place you haven’t heard about before.

The point was that I was very happy about my father coming. So when he phoned saying that he was in front of my door I ran downstairs to give him a massive hug. The best was yet to come however.

When I opened the door not only did I find my father, but my 85 year old grandparents too! As you can imagine I started crying like a baby and I jumped into their arms.

I couldn’t believe they had got on a 4 hour plane trip from Madrid to see me. It was quite late so I just spent a brief time with them in their hotel. I even forgot about the fact that I was in my pyjamas.

The next morning I had to change my sight seeing plans. I couldn’t ask my elderly grandparents to walk up the hill to reach the wonderful Buda castle, but I found an incredible Plan B.

If any of your grandparents come to visit you, I would really recommend you get tickets for the Tour Buses that go all around Budapest during the day. Yes, I even stopped to listen to one of the annoying guys telling everyone in the street “bus, bus, bus” for the first time.

It ended up being a great idea as you can hop on and hop off as many times as you want in order to get some lovely pictures. Besides, we were able to enjoy a river cruise too.


Furthermore,the weather was beautiful . Everyone was out of their houses enjoying the sun. The light was just perfect to see the views from the Parliament from the Fisher’s Bastion, and from the entire city . It was also great that I could take the advantage to have lunch and dinner in one of the restaurants you always see from the outside but you never get to go in, as our student budgets don’t really allow us to eat in every single place.

The best one for me was an Italian restaurant located In Vörösmarty square. We chose a table in the terrace so that we could listen to a jazz singer who was playing the saxophone there.

To conclude, I have to confess that this has been one of the best weekends since I came to Budapest. I was really surprised by my grandparent’s visit. I swear I did try my best to teach them how to say a few simple words like szia or kösönom (as those are barely the only words I’ve learned so far) but it was a tough task. Despite that, I really enjoyed the time I spent with them. Now they’re  as much in love with Budapest as me.


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