Don’t let yourself be judged


I was born and raised in the suburbs of Budapest and have always had an unconditional love for the city. I love the scenery, the nightlife and the inspiration it gives me. Unlike most of my former high school classmates I am staying to get my diploma here, and I did not think twice about it. To be honest however, when I do question my decision from time to time it is the citizens that make me do so, not the city.

I have always been fascinated with clothing and people with really unique personal styles. I consider dressing to be the most basic form of self expression. I believe we communicate with the way we dress; that we are consciously or unconsciously sending a message without having to speak. However, here in my beloved Budapest making  a statement with the way you look is not only awfully underestimated but at times, also judged. If you feel like wearing something unusual you may end up on the internet, being ridiculed. Not to mention the elderly people on bus 7, who don’t even try to hide their opinions of your hair colour or the length of your skirt. It makes it difficult not to choose the easy way out; giving up on the whole self expression thing and just blending in.

As well as communication studies I also study fashion styling and want to work in that field, so I have never considered the latter option. I try to lead by example to those Budapestians who have the all the intentions but are lacking the courage to put themselves out there and stand up to the constant shower of judging looks and the wave of shaking heads around them. While living in London I saw how easy it could all be; where nobody cares what you’re wearing – the weirder the better! I instantly got used to the freedom there, so when I came home it struck me even more how hard it is to walk with your head held high when every look you are met with is hostile.

I must confess that due to these facts there are times when I wish I lived somewhere else. However it only takes me a moment to forget it all and fall back in love with my city. A tram ride alongside the River Danube and I realise, I could not live anywhere else. It is then made easier to ignore those who, instead of embracing all the beauty around us, only care about judging how scandalously one is dressed.

I would encourage everyone to dress the way you wish to. Be daring and creative. Shake up Budapestians from that grumpy state of mind they live in, and turn heads on the street until they realise there is more to life than shaggy pants and worn out sweatshirts, and then maybe this beautiful city will be as perfect as it is ought to be.


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