Not your typical football feast


During the half-time break of the football match we started to search for the “Stadionwurst“. As that expression is so typically German it is hard to translate it properly. Typing the word “Stadionwurst“ into an online dictionary results in: “sausage bought and consumed during a football/soccer match.“ Ignoramuses might start nodding, but a “Stadionwurst“ is more than just a means to satisfy your hunger. It is a means to compare stadiums you are visiting and games you are watching. It is especially needed when the football match that you are watching is a really boring one. As the famous saying goes: “At least the ‘Stadionwurst’ was good!“

Myself and my friend had just watched 45 minutes of such a boring match. MTK Budapest against Videoton FC in the Hidegkuti-Nandor stadium. A place that is probably not that often visited by people who are not from Budapest. Consequently I had to use my rudimental knowledge of the Hungarian language to buy two tickets before the match. (‘Kettő…’) Thanks to my cruel aerobic teacher from the fitness centre around my corner I learned the numbers in Hungarian by heart. Imagine your body shaking while repeating exhausting exercises until the moment the trained woman in her pink sporting outfit in front of you starts to count down. An amazing moment – similar to the moment we were finally holding the tickets in our hands.

Our search for the “Stadionwurst“ was less successful. Walking through a German stadium in the break it is almost impossible to escape a snack selling sausages. In the Hidegkuti-Nandor stadium the only spot selling something to eat was a fragile fasting pasting table with a young woman behind the table and sandwiches in film.

After the second half’s kickoff we even discovered little pieces of paprika on the cheese sandwiches. In an atmosphere of constant mumbling and grumbling coming from old Hungarian men behind us, and a young man with his son sitting next to us munching sunflower seeds. All the while illuminated by old fashioned floodlights, I was happy that they were not selling standard sausages in that stadium. I will suppress the fact that there was also a popcorn machine next to the woman selling rolls as that doesn’t fit at all to the romantic image. Overall, I think that kind of  nostalgic feeling is a feeling that those tourists who limit their actions on taking selfies in front of the parliament and walking on the Gellert hill will never feel.

For those people who think that the most important thing concerning football is always the result I will add the score: 1-2.

Foto 4


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